“Diamonds can be a girl’s best friend, but pearls will make you shine like the moonlight” – Coco Chanel

Because a jewel is a work of art and requires to be crafted with the most intricate care and attention, we put in all our know-how and expertise to serve you and advise on how to give life to the jewel of your dreams.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls

The Tahitian black pearl is the emblem of our islands and results from a unique natural process found in the fathoms of our beautiful lagoons. Come and discover our rich collection of jewels with different shapes and colors – blue, green, aubergine, champagne… Just like for fine stones, they are governed by some particular classification. The quality of the black pearls that we offer is based on the official grading of the GIA in consultation with the Government of French Polynesia.

Diamonds, fine stones and semi-precious stones

Since the dawn of time, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds … have been the symbols of love … so treat yourself to the excitement of a special creative jewel with Tahiti Pearl Artists who can guarantee a gem of high quality.

Pearls from outside – Japan, Australia, South Seas

Other pearls from the Pacific Ocean have different shapes and colors and they enrich the vast space of creativity that we use. Whether from Australia, Japan or the South Seas, we will advise you on how to find the one that will sublimate your jewel.


Yellow gold, pink gold, 18k gray gold, silver, palladium, platinum… all these precious metals that the earth offers us are part of our artistic playground.